Some small changes

Some parents have commented on how their children have become decidedly one-sided in their academic pursuits. Concentrating on one subject at a time is not problematic in itself. And as many parents discovered during lockdown, alternating constantly between subjects can actually be seriously inefficient. But there’s a limit to everything. We previously had STEM-subjects upstairs …

All aboard

Today, we could finally hold a morning assembly with both the kindergarten and the school kids at the same time. Age integration is an important pillar of L’école franco-danoise. Smaller children get approachable role models, larger kids get experience in helping smaller ones and the chance to demonstrate competence and responsibility.

Maths lecture

Mathematician, tree climber and friend of EFD Adam dropped by to hold a maths lecture about traffic. In French. Not everyone who attended was mathy or francophone. But even some kids outside of the presumed target demographic could give a decent outline afterwards. Just paying attention even while not understanding everything is a skill, too.