An experimental excursion

An ugly ancient Egyptian demon monkey god. What’s not to like.

Just checking the waters here: Maybe it would be nice to visit museums and exhibitions more. But school time is limited, and not every exhibition is interesting or relevant to every student. Furthermore, our field trip competence is now a little bit low after corona.

To cut through this Gordian knot, I thought we’d start with a voluntary excursion to Glyptoteket on Sunday, August 15th to check out the current exhibition on the ancient Egyptian god Bes. We meet up at the entrance at ten o’clock, parents are very welcome to join. Entrance is free for kids under twelve.

I realize ten o’clock on a Sunday morning might seem downright evil to some, but at this time Glyptoteket has few other visitors and after we’re finished we still have almost a full Sunday to do other things.

A reason for choosing this particular exhibition is to gear up for our ancient Egypt theme week. Glyptoteket has a marvellous permanent exhibition on ancient Egypt too, but that’s for another occasion.

There’s a lot to see and do at Glyptoteket, but the school-organized excursion will only focus on Bes, otherwise we will wear each other out. The café is insanely expensive and absolutely off-limits. Bring a water bottle and a sandwich.

We will start with a small snack (provided by me) and a short introduction in the lounge by the wardrobes, see the exhibition, and then meet up again for a quiz by the fountain. Depending on weather and the parents’ wishes, we either then go home or head for Islands brygge to let off some steam and eat our madpakke. Maybe even take a swim, depending on the number of adults.

There will be some pestering on email, the parents’ group on Facebook and when you drop off and collect your kids.

You can sign up on Facebook, or by emailing me.