This year we will be participating in the Arduino Day on April 25th!

[Update 2020-03-12: The event is postponed to June 13th]

We are starting at 10:00 and expect to finish at 15:00. Location: The Franco-Danish School, Tagensvej 188.

Entry fee: Gratis!

The event is open to everyone, but please send a mail to if you intend to participate.

The event is mainly targeted at children, but is also relevant for educators, parents and anyone with an interest in technology.

All the teaching material is freely available, meaning that it can be used after the workshop to get a deeper understanding. Or before of course.

Based on our experience with our Flying Hacker Lab in Italy, we will be arranging a number of workshops at the school, expectedly:

Dark Side Challenge: remotely program a rover to topple towers. Learning objectives: Understand how a computer program can affect the real world. Age: 4+

Hackaton: hack a ton of stuff, literally. Learning objectives: Understand that things work for a reason and get acquainted with taking things apart. Age: 6+

Functions and Arduino: learn to reason with inputs and outputs, sensors and actuators. Learning objective: Get acquainted with the concept of a function, the Swiss army knife of abstract thinking. Age: 7+


Programming and differential equations: play with gravity. Learning objective: Get acquainted with computational thinking, i.e. addressing a problem from one end and solving it piece by piece. Age: 6+

We will also introduce our new hacker shop at the event.

The workshops will be managed by teachers, pupils and parents from the school.