Coming to America

(When we landed in Boston, I was both excited and tired. Later on the evening after we had setteled in, we ate at a Mexican place. The next day we set out to find a supermarket so we could buy food and supplies for the week. Including a basketball ;)


(The next day, we started by playing a game called “Timeline*”. Then we went to the Museum of Science where there was a fantastic show about electricity)
There after we went for a driving in a duck but we had to wait for 30 minutes before the next duck drove. We went into the museum again and went up and looked at what we could buy. Basil  bought a key ring with LOL written on it. Was after we were in the duock and drove then was a funny lady who spoke hell time because she should say where we were and who had built what and all that. After maybe 30-40 minutes we would sail in the water. Basil, Sacha, Fouad and Lydia went on shifts and tried to steer the boat.
When we were done  we went home.
Sunday we should go for fifteen kilometers. It was hard for us  and when we came home we bought an ice cream on the way .
Monday was shopping day. We were out and shope for the day. Sacha bought some shoes for $ 100 Alix bought a shoulder bag that cost 45 $ Lydia also bought a bag for $ 60. Then we went to a store we had been before to shop a little more and because then there was more cheap clothes. It was also here that Basil bought a pair of cool red and black pants. Then we went in to the store next door.  I bought two jerseys for my little sister and a big coke .Sacha bought a celtic sweater and after we went home and ate pasta.
Around nine o’clock all the boys left and played baseball and went home after approx. 20-30 minutes. When we were home we went to sleep.
Now it was Tuesday. We were going to HARVARD. When we went over there we had to go to the office know when the tour begain.  They said that the roundabout started in fifteen minutes. We went for a walk and came back. When we went to HAVARD, the guide told us , among other things,  that Bill Gates had gone to HAVARD.  We then went to  a library that she also said she also worked in. after that should we eat in a burger resturan where I ordered a vegetarian burger that tasted really good. It was now raining me and Sacha, Basil ran home but the others took a taxi home.



the next day we were going to MIT der was a gay name krish he toll os abard MIT he was also a student in MIT he toll also some tricks to get ind MIT He said that you do not have to be smart to go in MIT They place emphasis on whether you can change the world he showed de small clasromm and the big clasroom


*Timeline is a game of cards with a certain discovery/invention/theory or idea on the front side and a date on the backside of the card. The point of the game is to locate the card where you think it belongs on the timeline.