A sketch of our remote teaching program

Based on our recent experience with on-line teaching, we are currently testing a remote education program. The purpose is to:

  • extend the reach of our award-winning STEM teaching program beyond the walls of the school by making it virtual.
  • allow families who wish to partly home school their children to do so.
  • assist home schooling families with quality assurance and STEM expertise.
  • find out if it is possible to maintain a teaching form based on strong inter-personal relations in an on-line context, possibly by encouraging small groups and recurring in-person visits and camps.
  • diversify the revenue streams for the school while the Danish state is trying to suffocate us financially.

The offering consists of the following elements:

  • daily Scrums (9:15 CET)
  • daily reading hours (13:00 CET)
  • individual follow-up and coaching on tasks around our issue tracking system
  • on-line STEM sessions, depending on demand and time zones (currently Thursdays 17:00 CET)
  • in-person meet-ups and camps, depending on demand

Pricing still remains to be determined.