Hello world,

We need your help. The Danish Ministry of Education is trying to shut down our school – an ugly story of politics and abuse of power. Long story.

The short version is that they cannot accept that our pupils have a right to decide, that we have focused on building a good school for the children rather than on process compliance and that we have defended our way of doing.


No mention of our childrens’ extraordinary academic level, particularly in STEM, the ambient joy and the absence of conflicts.

The way we see it is that we live in the most exciting times ever on Earth: of the planet’s billions of years of existence, we are so incredibly lucky that we will witness the moment when the biosphere expands beyond its tiny cradle. On one hand, mankind is going multiplanetary and beyond. On the other hand however, we are not ready: at the core of our culture, the school systems here on Earth are measurably demotivating; as a species, we are systematically obstructing the next generation. Schools are supposed to exist for the children, but today that is not the case as the kids hardly have anything to say. A feedback loop is missing and the system is drifting. That needs to be fixed as we go interstellar!

The future needs people full of energy, striving to make a difference, equipped with the tools and strategies to succeed. That is what we are achieving in our school, and that is why it is so important that we continue.

The Danish rule of law will take some months to execute after which we will get our subsidies back. In the meantime we need support: Please tell our story, collaborate with us, join our school, participate in our remote teaching program or grant us a loan.

Contact contact@ecolefrancodanoise.dk for further information.