Following the evaluation from the summer camp, this camp featured a number of new initiatives:

  • a Gitlab repository for issue tracking and storing / versioning the teaching material
  • a DIY robot kit for each participant
  • a booklet containing all the tutorials to bring back home

3D-printing workshop

Arduino programming and robotics

Technical tree-climbing and a 30 kg water bomb

Lunch break

RSA crypto (aka. hash production!) workshop. Code.

Dancing project. Gitlab issue.

Presentations on the last day of the camp

Differential equations / N-body and gravitational systems

Graphical design and T-shirt printing

Water filtering and distillation. Gitlab issue.


What to keep:

  • sleep-over
  • personal projects
  • tree-climbing
  • lunch
  • drawing in Gimp
  • Scratch
  • 3D-printing
  • electronics starter kit and tutorial booklet
  • presentations
  • take into consideration the evaluation from the previous camp
  • brainstorm using a yarn ball
  • posting on social media

What to improve

  • use the term “quests” instead of “issues”
  • keep track of who has completed which workshops on a list
  • consider the role of Scratch on the camp / learning objectives
  • turn the water analysis initiative into an actual workshop
  • remember to have the OpenSCAD tutorial as part of the booklet
  • spread out the presentation over the last three days rather than the last day
  • have a clear printer queue (A4 piece of paper) for the 3D printer
  • delegate more tasks to the participating parents