Adding some colour

A couple of years of kids’ play, scotch tape and blu-tack ages a wall pretty fast. We touched up one of the classrooms with some green.

No-budget redecoration:
we found some paint, threw out some stuff and used a lot of elbow grease.

We have also created a brand new room for the kids, the “HUM lab”. This was a room with a vague purpose that over time had metamorphosised into a kind of teachers’ office. That was super weird, as teachers were hardly ever seen there.

An extra room gives the students more options where to study, and with whom. The window facing one of the classrooms makes it possible for children to close the door while teachers can still keep an eye on them. The HUM lab has a slightly more “grown up” vibe than the rest of the school, including a map of Europe where DDR, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia still appear to be doing just fine. A lesson in geography and history at the same time.

High budget redecoration.
We found the paint, but actually paid for the plant.

This room might also be useful for teaching smaller groups and practicing reading out loud.