Instructor’s cheat sheet / Remote STEM

[draft] Objectives: to get the participants/kids acquainted with programming in a fun and engaging way. Most of the basics of programming (loops, branching, variables, functions, data structures) can readily be learned from on-line resources. However, some very important notions are hard to come by and are best learned through osmosis in a group. These include: […]

A sketch of our remote teaching program

[draft] Based on our recent experience with on-line teaching, we are currently testing a remote education program. The purpose is to: extend the reach of our award-winning STEM teaching program beyond the walls of the school by making it virtual.allow families who wish to partly home school their children to do so.assist home schooling families […]

Support Our School :)

Hello world, We need your help. The Danish Ministry of Education is trying to shut down our school – an ugly story of politics and abuse of power. Long story. The short version is that they cannot accept that our pupils have a right to decide, that we have focused on building a good school […]