Instructor’s cheat sheet / Remote STEM

Objectives: to get the participants/kids acquainted with programming in a fun and engaging way, possibly rooting the knowledge in the families by having the parents participate. Most of the basics of programming (loops, branching, variables, functions, data structures) can readily be learned from on-line resources. However, some very important notions are hard to come by […]

A sketch of our remote teaching program

[draft] Based on our recent experience with on-line teaching, we are currently testing a remote education program. The purpose is to: extend the reach of our award-winning STEM teaching program beyond the walls of the school by making it virtual.allow families who wish to partly home school their children to do so.assist home schooling families […]

Support Our School :)

Hello world, We need your help. The Danish Ministry of Education is trying to shut down our school – an ugly story of politics and abuse of power. Long story. The short version is that they cannot accept that our pupils have a right to decide, that we have focused on building a good school […]