Discovering Hjallastefnan schools in Iceland

Gleðilegan miðvikudag <3 – Happy Wednesday. This is what you can read every day when you enter Hjallastefnan schools in Iceland. Schools where happiness and positivity reigns. But they also have another particularity. Hjallastefnan – or the Hjalli model ( – fights for gender equality and counters gender stereotypes. It has now existed for 30 […]

The top 3 math-didactical fails. Ever.

It was back towards the end of last century, and most of us didn’t really grasp what we were supposed to make of it. It didn’t seem to be of any concern whether the teaching was motivating or not, nor whether the time the children invested in the learning eventually was worth it. In the […]

Journée francophone du 25 février 2018 – Programmation et équations différentielles

Programmation et équations différentielles Journée francophone, dimanche 25 février 2018 1) Pour commencer: Dans le navigateur internet, aller sur 2) Dans la documentation, trouver comment dessiner un rectangle En dessiner trois. Ou autre chose, comme on veut :) 3) Animer un des objets dessinés Créer une variable, par exemple var x = 0; Créer […]

The Loop

In my previous article I described how one can use a differential equation to calculate the trajectory of the Earth around the Sun. But at the end it was quite tedious so I decided to use a computer instead. Because they are good at repeating things. One way to make a computer do the same […]

The Structure

In a not too distant future, humankind has started constructing a gigantic platform orbiting {the Moon, Earth, the Sun…}. Building blocks are mined on the Moon and sent into space using an electromagnetic railgun. On Earth, gravity effectively limits the size of anything we want to build. In space however, there are no such limitations. […]


Det handler om at udregne svære problemer ved at tage det i små bidder ad gangen. Lad mig illustrere det med et eksempel. Forestil dig, at du gerne vil udregne jordens bane rundt om solen. Den her tegning den viser hvordan jorden roterer rundt om solen. Nu vil jeg gerne forklare hvordan det virker. Afstanden […]

Differential Equations – A Child’s Play

“Differential equations”… To most people who went to high-school, these words will bring back blurred memories of something complicated and tedious. Some will recall that they involved “functions” and “derivatives” and that they were solved using opaque techniques that one had to learn by heart. Most people have since then personally experienced that they never […]

Hacking a ton

Within the hacker communities, a so-called hackathon (the contraction of hacking and marathon) is a well-known concept which consists of meeting up and getting some intensive programming done, typically during a day or so. The hackaton or hackatonne (/hæk.ə.tʌn/) however is a less known concept (to be fair, a completely unknown concept at the time of writing). It consists […]