Hacking a ton

Within the hacker communities, a so-called hackathon (the contraction of hacking and marathon) is a well-known concept which consists of meeting up and getting some intensive programming done, typically during a day or so. The hackaton or hackatonne (/hæk.ə.tʌn/) however is a less known concept (to be fair, a completely unknown concept at the time of writing). It consists […]

On the subtle connection between girls and STEM

It was back in the late ’90s, we were attending DTU’s course on digital electronics. Given the “historical” context – the upcoming dot.com bubble and digital revolution – it would turn out to be an important course. It gave us insights into the inner workings of computers, the foundations of the Internet-based society. In the […]

Bulletin d’information – mai 2017

Bulletin d’information – mai 2017 Le personnel: C’est avec grand plaisir que nous vous annonçons que Heidi a désormais un contrat à durée indéterminée chez nous en tant que professeur à l’école. l’Assemblé Générale: L’Assemblé Générale  aura lieu mardi le 16 mai à 16:30 pour le jardin d’enfants et à 18.00 pour l’école. Les stagiaires: […]