Discovering Hjallastefnan schools in Iceland

Gleðilegan miðvikudag <3 – Happy Wednesday. This is what you can read every day when you enter Hjallastefnan schools in Iceland. Schools where happiness and positivity reigns. But they also have another particularity. Hjallastefnan – or the Hjalli model ( – fights for gender equality and counters gender stereotypes. It has now existed for 30 […]

Thank you for the visit, Dr. Stallman

As I got news of RMS visiting Denmark again, it struck me that he might be interested in visiting something as rare as a school clearly affirming that software should be free/libre. We are using the convention free/libre to emphasize that the software is free as in “freedom”, not “free beer”. It is an ambiguity […]

Model Moms

Our Dark Side Challenge concept keeps spinning off new ideas and concepts. This time, it’s the Model Moms! It’s not about fashion models. And just relax – it’s not about being the perfect mother either. This is about engaging girls in STEM by building models – in wood, metal, plastic, numbers or code… or even […]