The Structure

In a not too distant future, humankind has started constructing a gigantic platform orbiting {the Moon, Earth, the Sun…}. Building blocks are mined on the Moon and sent into space using an electromagnetic railgun. On Earth, gravity effectively limits the size of anything we want to build. In space however, there are no such limitations. […]


Vi fik den ind med modersmælken – “Otte-og-tyve skal der stå, på din mo-ars storetå!”. Otteogtyve? Det gav aldrig rigtig mening efterfølgende. Der er 26 bogstaver i det engelske (og franske) alfabet. Og var der ikke tre bogstavers forskel (æ, ø, å)? 26 + 3 ≠ 28 En lettere irriterende, uidentificeret splint i hjernen – […]

Differential Equations – A Child’s Play

“Differential equations”… To most people who went to high-school, these words will bring back blurred memories of something complicated and tedious. Some will recall that they involved “functions” and “derivatives” and that they were solved using opaque techniques that one had to learn by heart. Most people have since then personally experienced that they never […]

Hacking a ton

Within the hacker communities, a so-called hackathon (the contraction of hacking and marathon) is a well-known concept which consists of meeting up and getting some intensive programming done, typically during a day or so. The hackaton or hackatonne (/hæk.ə.tʌn/) however is a less known concept (to be fair, actually a completely unknown concept at the time of writing). It consists of […]

On the subtle connection between girls and STEM

It was back in the late ’90s, we were attending DTU’s course on digital electronics. Given the “historical” context – the upcoming bubble and digital revolution – it would turn out to be an important course. It gave us insights into the inner workings of computers, the foundations of the Internet-based society. In the […]

Bricolage & robotique, projets et liens

Voici quelques idées de projets et liens utiles suite à la session d’aujourd’hui. Tranche d’âge visée: 6-99 ans. Les drones que nous utilisons sont les X5C-1 (Syma ou Bayang) et des Syma X11. Il sont légers (=inoffensifs), robustes, assez grands pour être stables et précis, utilisables en intérieur et surtout, nous pourrons nous reservir de leurs composantes pour en […]

Drôles de drones

Chers tous Le programme de STEM de cette saison est à présent prêt: nous allons construire, piloter, démonter, reprogrammer, imprimer (en 3D), customizer, recombiner… des robots.         Le programme a été conçu pour faire particulièrement appel au filles, entre autre en concevant les sessions autour d’histoires pertinentes. Les sessions auront lieu les […]